Chicago Vegan Foods: Who we are and why we do it!

The company was started over a decade ago by teenage friends Ryan Howard and Dan Ziegler with the goal of merging their love for animals and activism into a business that could help bring awareness to veganism. What better way to build awareness than through great tasting food?
Over the years as the business has grown, so has our staff and our product line. When Dan and Ryan started the business they were making soymilk, which went on to become the basis for our delicious Temptation Vegan Frozen Dessert line. They found that as the weather got cooler so did ice cream sales so they asked “what’s missing?” They went back to the drawing board and created Teese Vegan Cheese.
Teese Vegan Cheese was created with the goal of mimicking our favorite cheesy-based comfort foods, minus the dairy. We focused on the simple and classic pizza, grilled Teese, mac n’ Teese, and nachos. Soon after the launch of the Teese product line we added Dan Reed to the team as a partner to help grow and market the company.
From there it became our mission to look for and fill another void in the vegan market. Enter the birth of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows. Good air puffed campfire style marshmallows were a thing that most vegans could only dream of. Turns out taking the icky gelatin out of a marshmallow is a little trickier than we all thought but we persevered and Dandies continue to be a favorite at campfires, in hot chocolate, and in crisp rice treats, and for general snacking all over the world!
As we continue to grow our business we promise to always put you and the animals first. It is our strong belief that through fun, passion and food that we can help make great vegan foods that are better for the animals, better for you!